Why should you choose Stamped Asphalt ? Longevity Durability Slip & Skid Resistant Low Maintenance Fast & Easy Repairs

decorative driveway vancouver stamped asphalt driveway Vancouver BC Canada

Stamped Asphalt produces realistic brick, slate, stone and other design effects. Combining the flexibility and strength of asphalt with leading-edge coating technologies results in a no cost-effective, durable driveway surface with low maintenance requirements.

StreetPrint® with StreetBond coating is a process of creating realistic-looking brick, slate, stone or other design effects. directly onto asphalt. Decorative asphalt is created by heating existing or new asphalt with an infrared reciprocating heater and then using a plate compactor, pressing a woven steel template into the surface and removing. This is followed by the application of StreetBond, an advanced coating system for asphalt. StreetPrint®, genuine stamped asphalt in combination with StreetBond coatings creates beautiful decorative asphalt.

Compared to Pavers  – Our installations are fast, giving you a useable driveway in hours. Unlike Pavers our driveways require no maintenance required, no maintenance for weeds or organics.  Unlike Pavers, cleaning a spill stain from our product is simple. You will never have to worry about pavers shifting and settling and creating trip hazards. Unlike Pavers our product doesn’t  lose it’s colour for years, and when it finally does it is very easy to rejuvenate. Unlike Pavers our products  are easy  and cost effective to repair and patches are completely invisible.

Compared to Stamped Concrete – Our products require no curing. You can drive and park on them in hours. Unlike stamped concrete large installation are not a problem for us. We provide complete colour uniformity across any size surface. Unlike stamped concrete our product is flexible and does not crack. It cannot be damaged by salt or chemicals like stamped concrete can be. Unlike stamped concrete our product is easy and cost-effective to repair. Stain your stamped concrete ? Sorry, cleaning is impossible. With our product many stains can be cleaned up or the area can be re-coloured. Unlike stamped concrete our product does not need to be sealed every year.

 Install it. Forget it.



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